The surrounding area is a wonder of nature with an ideal terrain for walking and bicycle enthusiasts to revel in the beauty of Corfu! An abundance of olive trees, eucalyptus, pine trees, jasmine flowers, bougainvillea, rhododendron and wild flowers line the country lanes. Whilst small streams and rivers can be discovered beneath the bracken!

Cycling has become a favorite pastime for those who wish to experience the authentic Corfu and its people! We offer a variety of cycling routes depending on the pace you choose; strenuous training or a leisurely ride. Get lost in the tiny streets of Corfu’s old town, which is enlisted into Unesco World Heritage Site. Explore miles of pristine coastline, picturesque villages, lakes, mountains and waterfalls. Meander through olive groves, lush flora and fauna and experience the wind through your hair. The seascape and landscape of this beautiful Ionian isle will provide a sense of freedom ensuring positivity and wellbeing!